I help people overcome challenges, make big decisions, and connect more with themselves and others.

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Motto: What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. (Tim Ferriss)

Current focus: Being more productive and being physically and mentally fit.

Current fear: Not being able to control myself enough to achieve my dreams.


Motto: Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection. (Brené Brown)

Current focus: Making the right decisions, choosing self-love while having a growing career/business.

Current fear: Missing out on opportunities.


Motto: Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you the chance of being extraordinary. (Uta Hagen)

Current focus: Live life every day and support others as much as possible.

Current fear: Making wrong decisions.


Motto: I don't count the days, I make the days count. (Muhammad Ali)

Current focus: Do exciting things, travel the world, challenge myself.

Current fear: Looking back at my life and thinking I could have done more.

A bit of my coaching journey

I started coaching friends and acquaintances in 2016 after having gone through a lot of personal development myself. I recognised that most of the people around me were limiting themselves by not believing in themselves, hesitating, and over-thinking (don't get me wrong - I still do those things as well, but not quite as much as most people).


In January 2017, I completed a course as a Happiness Life Coach and later that year as an NLP Practitioner. I continued that professional journey with an Honours College training in Leadership and two Master's degrees: one in Psychology, the other one in Sports Sciences.


After finishing these, I was a bit lost and did not see a clear path in front of me. I received my Coach of Young Professionals certificate and about half a year later decided to dedicate me full-time to coaching and psychology. In the same time, I also started the Customer Acquisitioning Specialist programme and got more interested in business psychology and consulting.


Since then, I have worked with start-up accelerators like the EIA (the world's biggest entrepreneurship training), the Lisbon Challenge (Beta-i's flagship programme) and have given workshops at Mercedes-Benz and NOVA University. Additional to that, I have lectured several Psychology courses at the private German universities MEU and DIPLOMA.


However, my focus isn't the work with companies, it is the work with individuals. I work with private clients to support them to overcome challenges, make big decisions, and live connected with themselves and others.


Let me give you three examples:


I worked with Max* who was struggling for 1.5 years to finish the thesis for his degree. Together we worked out a counterintuitive strategy that enabled him to finish it within a couple of months.


I helped Caroline* who was struggling to improve her freelance career. I identified that her money mindset was largely stopping her and together, we took steps to associate money with positive thoughts.


Manuel* came to me to make a decision about his future. He had three choices but couldn't make a decision. Together, we analysed the options and used his intuition to reveal aspects that weren't readily visible.

* = names changed to protect their identity.


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