• Jorim Holtey-Weber

Plato, The Ultimate Coach! (Book Summary: The Republic)

The Republic is Plato's best-known work and one of the world's most influential works of philosophy and political theory. In it, Plato and his friends and fellow philosophers discuss the ideal republic or state and during that journey cover things like "what is justice?", "in what should our children be educated?" and many other questions that are still interesting today. It is somewhat of a timeless book!

In this video, I'll focus neither on philosophy nor on politics, but rather what we can learn from those old folks about psychology and personal development. I hope you enjoy!


00:38 What is the book about?

01:28 Psychological things happening in the book

02:13 Being critical

03:15 Asking questions for reflection

04:24 The pursuit of truth

04:53 Plato, the master coach

05:27 Interested in reading the book? (see links below)


The Republic (English, audio version by Bob Neufeld)

The Repulic (English, pdf)

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